10 Steps to Help you Child become a Better Reader

1.** Read TO your Child

This is the most important step.  It shows the child that you are interested in reading.  By reading to them aloud, they can also hear the correct sounds of the language.  They are never too young (lullabies for infants, nursery rhymes for toddlers, animal stories for primary grade, or adventure stories for elementary students) or too old (newspapers, magazines and age appropriate novels for teenagers).  Choose material that is of interest to the child, whether it be animals, fictional characters, inspirational material, or sports.

2.  Have Reading Material Available 

A child needs the tools to become a better reader.  These tools can include books (even cookbooks), magazines, or newspapers.  This also portrays to the child the importance of the written word.

3. Point out the Written Word

Show the child that they can read "stop" on a Stop sign.  Also use catalogues, billboards, T-shirts, food cartons, or commercials.

4.  BE a Reader

Set a good example and share what you read to show your enjoyment.

5. Read With your Child

Let them pick their own books for enjoyment.  Help them and encourage them with school reading assignments.

6. Take them to the Library

Get them their own library card and let them choose thier own books.

7. Limit their TV viewing

Regulate how often and what they watch.  When they do, try to watch with them and ask them thoughtful questions about the program.  Set a good example with the time and content of your own TV viewing.

8.  Make Books Special

Give books as a gift on special occasions.  Large hardcover books with a personalized inscription are wonderful.

9.  Each Child is Unique

Be aware that each child has their own abilities and learning style; do not compare siblings.

10.  Share Written Material

Share anything interesting with them: cartoons, love messages, notes of encouragement, Bible passages, magazine articles, etc.  (Hint: add these to their lunch boxes)