Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy first investigates the underlying causes of a student's difficulties, defines each individual's learning strengths and deficiencis, and then focuses on developing their thinking processes along with improving basic skills.  Students are given strategies and exercises that improve a learning weakness, in such areas as memory, phonemic awareness, attention, or processing.  Educational therapy is based on understanding the structure and function of the brain.  This understanding creates programs that provide a strong foundation for the student to overcome any learning challenge.  The student learns strategies that improve their learning process, which improves  their academic success, and results in a consequent increase in self-esteem.  Knowing the best way for a student to learn and knowing what interferes with their learning, enables the Center to create programs that provide an individualized program geared for success.  "Finding the Key to Learning is Finding the Key to Success".


 Director Barbara Morris has been involved in education for thirty years and has worked with students from preschool through adults.  Her undergraduate work in education was completed at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.  Graduate studies were done at a number of universities in both Michigan and California.  Ms Morris has taught in both public and private settings, and worked with students with many different learning styles and abilities.  Her certification as a Dyslexia Remediation Specialist has enabled her to become knowledgeable in the ways in which a student learns, and to thus create a meaningful and individualized program for each student.  Her training in various programs allows her to select the best method or methods to use.