Welcome to Sunset Whitney Learning Center!

Sunset Whitney Learning Center offers tutoring, learning strategies, and much more!



Why SWLC students are motivated, happy & successful:

  • Strategies are mastered that enable them to be successful students
  • Tutoring is received in needed academic areas
  • Individual strengths & weakness are addressed
    • Evaluations identify underlying difficulties
    • Programs are individualized for each student
    • Classes are one-on-one
  •  Activities and exercises are presented that retrain the Brain for permanent success
  • Confidence leads to an increase in self-esteem
  • SWLC makes learning fun
    • Games are an integral part of every program
    •  Informal setting encourages willingness to learn 



Sunset Whitney Learning Center offers programs to improve a student's basic academic skills, yet goes beyond tutuoring, and includes Educational Therapy in every student's program.  Various programs including Lindamood Bell, Edu-Therapeutics, and Brain Gym, as well as in-house programs created through many years of experience, may be incorporated into a student's program.  These various programs allow each student an individualized program that addresses their specific needs.  Students improve any learning weakness whether it is in processing, memory, and/or attention skills, and thereby become a successful learner!

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